Logtrix APS (Advanced planning and scheduling) system (ver 0.1.21)

Logtrix has invested substantially in improving its technological interactions with the industry.
With a fully interactive and real-time system, clients can easily communicate with our national offices and
relay problems for prompt resolve and accurate feedback.

Our APS / CRM allows us to manage schedule data as well as record exceptions that occur and problems
that are experienced daily throughout the supply chain.

Our APS incorporates constraints to ensure logical in-bound planning and a productive receiving environment.

On-line user interface

All our aligned scheduling data is simultaneously hosted by our on-line system, this ensures real-time and
relevant data to all parties in the supply chain.

Reporting has evolved to track trends and supply raw and summarised data to our clients, assisting them to
streamline operations and pinpoint problem areas.

Our problem resolution is driven by dynamic teams at our national contact centres, this information is databased
to feed the reporting as mentioned above. Logtrix contact centres handle approximately 100 000 queries annually
with effective resolve.

Our on-line client interface is now active, 

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