Scheduling & Inbound planning

One of our core focus areas, Logtrix provides inbound scheduling services to Pick n Pay nationally across all divisions.
Ensuring an environment of order at the backdoor, key benefits include; (Scheduling process) (query process)

Core efficiencies

  • Reduced Turn-around Time (TAT)
  • Improved fleet utilisation
  • Clean POD’s
  • Faster stock on shelf and reduced out of stocks
  • Working lead-times and delivery frequencies


Good Stock Returns

In many instances clients require in-depth analysis into key problem areas and require outsourced specialised consulting
in some strategic areas;

  • Good Stock Returns (Trade refusals)

The phenomenon of trade refusals off invoice or better known as “good stock returns” seems to plague most suppliers in the
CPG industry. Many companies report a percentage of between 3% – 30% of invoice value being returned by retailers across South Africa.

The finger normally gets pointed directly at the retailer and the words “Cherry Picking” are thrown around in a loose manner.
The truth of the matter is that any problems that occur throughout the entire supply process only manifest at point of delivery,
when stock is sent back as “not ordered”.

The costs  to the industry have been estimated at anything between 3.5 and 7 Billion Rand annually and include the cost of raising
credit notes and presumed lost sales. Having assessed many instances over the years, root-causes can include;

  • Barcode problems
  • Product listing problems (item numbers and pack sizes etc.)
  • Loading and product handling errors
  • Human intervention in the ordering process
  • And many, many more…

Considering all the talk these days around high food costs and inflation, there seems to be some fat here to shed and pass the
savings back onto the consumer. An introspective look at ones organisation often highlights many problem areas but most
companies lack the resources to resolve these delinquent areas.


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