Scheduling Efficiencies

In-bound scheduling has become increasingly critical to retail operations and is necessary to create a productive receiving environment and reduce TAT’s. Dynamic scheduling has become popular due to fluctuating volumes and intermittent daily exceptions. Logtrix has developed and advanced APS system to facilitate scheduling operations at Pick n Pay nationally.

Reduced Inventory

Reduction of inventory across supply chain locations is key to reducing costs and improving the bottom line. This can be achieved by increasing frequency of delivery and ensuring demand planning and forecasting are prioritised as a supply chain activity. Partnering strategically with our clients assists them to optimise this process.

Alignment of Key Data

Lead times are critical in ensuring that stock arrives just in time to replenish shelves. Aligning the NOD and NDD, coupled with ensuring the correct frequency and lead-time ensure reduced out of stocks and accurate receipt of goods. Data needs to be continually monitored and all changes should be centralised. Logtrix is responsible for aligning data for over 100 companies nationally.

Forward and reverse logistics SOP’s

Standardising procedures across businesses ensures increased efficiency, productivity, buy-in to process and reduced confusion. Process engineering should be continuous and innovation constantly added to ensure relevancy and a streamlined operations environment. Logtrix engineers SOP’s that are used in national retail operations.

Specialised Reporting

Data is more valuable than ever and companies have learnt to share information with their supply chain partners to benefit from improved operations and increased efficiencies. CRM and ERP systems are at the forefront of this process and are increasingly becoming more intelligent and necessary. Logtrix provides in-depth reporting to all our clients.

Delivery Problem Solving

Expediting the delivery process is key to ensuring that what is planned manifests into reality. Daily problems hinder smooth operations and need to be expertly managed and resolved. Logtrix has a contact centre handling over 10 000 queries a month.

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